History of the BDC

BDC was originally founded in 2006 as Biorefinery Deployment Collaborative by CleanTech Partners, Inc, a Wisconsin-based organization (www.cleantechpartners.org) that helps commercialize energy saving and renewable energy technologies. It was decided in 2010 to change the name to Bioenergy Deployment Consortium to include the broader area of bioenergy to more accurately reflect the needs of our BDC’s members. It was also decided to become a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Initially the membership consisted of a regional group of partnering companies but now BDC has grown to include a more diverse group of over twenty companies including manufacturers, suppliers of technology, government agencies, and selected academic institutions.

Past Symposiums:

May 2007 | Atlanta, GA

November 2007 | Little Rock, AR: Tour PRM’s Gasifier at the Producer’s Rice Mill facility, Stuttgart, AR

April 2008 | Madison, WI:  Tour Virent Energy Biofuels Pilot Facility, Madison, WI

September 2008 | Benson, MN:  Tour Frontline Bioenergy CVEC Gasifier, Benson, MN

March 2009 | Golden, CO:  Tour NREL Facility, Golden, CO

October 2009 | Durham, NC:  Tour SRI Facility, Durham, NC

April 2010 | Pittsburgh, PA: Tour Coskata Hybrid Gasifier/Fermenter, Madison, PA

September 2010 | Cedar Rapids, IA: Tour Fiberight MSW to ethanol plant, Blairstown, IA

April 2011 | Washington, DC: Industry Partnering Presentation to USDA

October 2011 | Columbus, OH: Tours of butylfuel demonstration plant and Velocys microchannel Fischer Tropsch reactor manufacturing plant

May 2012 | Knoxville, TN: Tours of Oak Ridge National Laboratories and DuPont Cellulosic Ethanol


A network of public and private companies interested in influencing the course of the emerging bioeconomy in the United States.

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