BDC Fall, 2017 Symposium (Sept. 19-20, Minneapolis, MN)

The BDC Fall Symposium will be held in Minneapolis on September 19-20.  The agenda has shaped up to be very interesting and informative with important panels on:

  • Potential for collaborating with the petroleum industry and
  • Lignin markets and development of new higher value products from lignin

Other noteworthy items are:

  • Keynote by Vinicius Nonino, Strategy and New Business Director of Fibria,
  • After dinner presentation by Otavio Pontes, VP of the Latin America Division of Stora Enso,
  • Panels focused on commercial progress in the bio-industry, and
  • Updates from forest products companies

The panel on Petroleum Perspective and Opportunities is the first of this kind for BDC and is important due to the logic of utilizing the existing refining infrastructure in the petroleum industry to achieve economies of scale needed for overall profitability of the supply chain.  We are fortunate to have:

  • Matt Phillips, Director of Innovation Technologies at Flint Hills, a subsidiary of Koch
  • Jeffrey Jacobs, CEO of Ensyn and previous VP of Chevron Technology Ventures, and
  • Paul Stabler, President of Bannerstone Energy who provides energy procurement advisory services specializing in fuels used for power generation.  Paul can also be described as a renewable fuels frontiersman, searching for the best fuels for his clients whether petroleum or renewable based.

On day two of the symposium, we will tour the Green Biologics’ converted corn ethanol to butanol plant, which has been in operation since last fall.  Green Biologics is one of the new companies who have recognized the effort and strategy needed to build their market.

This symposium is going to be valuable to BDC forest product members as well as the bio-process company members seeking to integrate their processes with forest products facilities.


2017 BDC Fall Symposium Agenda


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