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Commercial Plant CB


2017, Jul, Fiberight Project in Maine on track for operation in early 2018 - CB

2017, Apr, BP-DuPont-Butamax JV acquired Scandia, Kansas Ethanol Plant to convert to Bio-Isobutanol - CB

2017, Apr, BP and DuPont Acquire Nesika Energy Ethanol Plant to Convert to BioButanol - CB

2017, Jan, Green Biologics converted Little Falls, MN corn ethanol to Bio-butanol comes on line in 2017 - CB


2016, DEC, Green Biologics ships 100% bio-based n-butanol and acetone from 1st Commercial Plant in Little Falls, MN - CB


2015, Dec, Green Biologics to start commercial n-butanol plant in Little Falls, MN in 2016 - CB

2015, Aug, API restricts Alpena operations due to low ethanol and acetate market prices - CB

2015, Aug, BioAmber Opens 30 MTPY Sarnia Succinic Acid Plant - CB

2015, May, Green Biologics retrofit of Little Falls, Minnesota ethanol plant to butanol to begin in summer of 2015 - CB

2015, Jan, Green Biologics raises funds to build Biobutanol commercial plant in Minnesota - CB


2014, Dec, Green Biologics to convert Little Falls, MN corn ethanol plant to butanol in a few weeks - CB

2014, Nov, Commercial Progress on BioAmber’s Bio-Succinic Facility in Sarnia, ON, Canada - CB

2014, Oct, Abengoa starts up commercial cellulosic ethanol to produce 25 million gpy - CB

2014, Sep, POET-DSM starts up 1st commercial cellulosic ethanol plant using corn waste with capacity of 25 million gallons per year - CB

2014, July, Quad County Corn Processor's Starts up Cellulosic Ethanol Add-On to existing Corn Ethanol Plant - CB

2014, Apr, Genomatica BDO commercial process has been licensed to BASF and Novamont in Italy - CB

2014, Jan, Vinmar to purchase 100% of BDO produced by BioAmber in planned 2017 NA plant - CB

2014, Jan, BioAmber Press Release - CB


2013, Oct, Amyris’ cellulosic farnesene plant in Brotas, Brazil achieves production and cost targets - CB

2013, Aug, INEOS, Vero Beach, Florida, recognized as first commercial scale cellulosic ethanol production facility - CB

2013, Jun, Myriant starts up Lake Providence, LA commercial bio-succinic acid plant rated for 30 million ibs per year - CB

2013, June, Myriant fermentation process producing succinic acid from bio-sugars at capacity at their German facility; have completed construction of their Louisiana facility - CB

2013, Feb, BioAmber presentation to Biopathways Network with good argument for Bio Chemicals - Montreal 2013 - CB

2013, Feb, Chemtex is recipient of a $99 million loan guarantee from USDA for NC plant to convert grasses to ethanol - CB

2013, Feb, Lyle Bio Products teams with DuPont to produce commercial scale Butanediol (BDO). The operational learnings from DuPont's Tennessee biochemical plant were key to the successful production of five million lbs of BDO - CB

2013, Jan, Sweetwater Energy teams with Ace Ethanol to supply sugars for conversion to ethanol - CB



2012, Nov, Myriant, Steve Gatto presentation - Commercial Plant plant sold out for Succinic Acid - CB

2012, Oct, ANDRITZ steam explosion pretreatment technology chosen by POET for Emmetsburg cellulosic ethanol plant - CB

2012, Sep, Chemtex will use giant miscanthus supplied by Repreve Renewables for its announced North Carolina Biorefinery - CB

2012, Sep, Financially sound Fagen announces a plans for cellulosic ethanol plant in Iowa – CB

2012, Sep, Chemtex receives $99 million USDA loan guarantee for construction of advanced biofuel plant in North Carolina - CB

2012, July, POET/DSM finalize funding for cellulosic ethanol plant start up in 2013 in Emmetsburg, IA - CB

2012, May, Construction of Brazil's first commercial, 22 million gpy, cellulosic ethanol plant using the Prosea process - CB

2012, May, KBR to Engineer DuPont's First Commercial-Scale Cellulosic Ethanol Plant in Nevada, IA - CB

2012, May, Coskata anounces financing plan for 78 mgy cellulosic ethanol plant in AL - CT/CB

2012, Apr, M&G Chemtex plans Fall of 2012 start up commercial cellulosic ethanol plant in Crescentino, Italy, with a capacity of 40,000 metric tons - CB

2012, Jan, USDA awards $25 million for Fiberight in Iowa to produce cellulosic ethanol from municipal solid waste (MSW) - CB


2011, Nov, ADM starts up bioproducts facility - CB

2011, Aug, Ineos Plant at Vero Beach announces small startup delay - CT/CB

2011, July, Poet, DuPont and Quad County announce plans to produce cellulosic ethanol in Iowa - CB

2011, July, US Navy ready to make biofuel purchases waving certain bidding procedures. - CB/CT

2011, July, DuPont to buy land next to Lincolnway Energy ethanol plant near Nevada, Iowa, for its planned $275.5M cellulosic ethanol plant to process corn stover, slated to begin production in 2013 - CB

2011, June, BP Biofuels will invest $400M in 36-million-gallon cellulosic ethanol facility in Highlands County, FL - CB

2011, June, Coskata issued a Letter of Intent with Fagen for engineering, procurement and construction services for its commercial cellulosic ethanol facility in Boligee, AL - CB/CT

2011, June, Gevo starts conversion of Minnesota ethanol plant to isobutanol - CB

2011, May, Verdezyne, developer of cost-effective processes for renewable bioproducts has closed funding - CB

2011, May, BDC Member buys into biorefinery technology - CB

2011, Apr, Cobalt & API to build 1st cellulosic biorefinery producing biobutanol at Alpena in 2012 -CB

2011, Mar, Fiberight secures financing to expand facility that BDC toured - CB

2011, Jan, Valero Energy investing $50 million in Mascoma's $350mm commercial wood-ethanol plant


2010, Nov, Advanced biofuel plant making biodiesel from animal fat has reached 2,500 bbl/day - CB

2010, Oct, 50/50 blend using algae based bio-diesel tested by Navy - CB

2010, Oct, BlueFire Ethanol (Blue Fire Renewables) gets 15yr feedstock contract to facil. DOE Loan Guarantee

2010, Oct, CB, Verenium commercially offers new enzyme

2010, Oct, CB, Blue Fire Renewables (formerly BuleFire Ethanol) finalizes 296 M dollar construction

2010, Oct, Pacific Ethanol to reopen 60,000 gpy corn ethanol plant - CB

2010, Sept, Domtar pulls plug on Iogen Ethanol deal (G&C) (CB)


2009, Jan, Verenium To Build First Cellulosic Ethanol Plant - CB

2009, Jan, USDA approved $80 million loan to Range Fuels - CB


2008, June, #159 Canadian Govt Funds Iogen Plant CB

2008, Apr, #144 Frontline Bioenergy and Chippewa Valley Ethanol CB

2008, March, Pennsylvania Joins America’s Energy Evolution - CB & RB

2008, March, #122- Solena Gasification System - CB

2008, Jan #95 KL Engg DB CB


2007, Nov, #67- Midwest governors sign pact to cut energy use - CB

2007, Nov, CB, #66- DuPont Introduces New Technology to Allow Ethanol Plants to Track and CommunicateProduction Information to Corn Growers


2007, Oct, #53- first closure of corn to ethanol plant? - CB








Investment IB


2017, Sep, SAPPI acquires Xylen and Versalac Sugar Clean-up Technologies from UK-based Plaxica


2015, Jan, Fundraising Release January 21 2015 Final.pdf - IB

2015, Jan, Bloomberg_Green Biologics Raises $76 Million to Make Renewable Chemicals - IB


2014, Jun, BioAmber secures $18.6 million loan for Sarnia 2015 facility to produce 30,000 tpy Succinic Acid - IB

2014, May, Minnesota provides $500,000 grant to Central Minnesota Renewables associated with Green Biologics to convert to N-Butanol - IB


2013, Dec, Bluefire loses DOE funding for Mississippi project - IB

2013, Dec, Green biologics funds demonstration plant for 2014 and commercial plant for 2016 - IB

2013, May, BioAmber raises $80 million thru IPO for succinic biorefinery in Sarnia, Ontario - IB

2013, Apr, GranBio-API - press release - IB

2013, Jan, Enerkem sells a 30% stake in 10 mgy ethanol plant being built in Alberta, Canada - IB


2012, Feb, details of LanzaTech purchase of Range Fuels site - IB

2012, Feb, Korean Energy company, GS Caltex, invests in BlueFire Renewables technology (subsidiary SucreSource) - IB


2011, Dec, DOE increases Mascoma award from $30 to $80 million - IB

2011, Dec, Valero invests in Mascoma Plant - IB

2011, Aug, Abengoa receives conditional DOE Loan Guarantee - IB

2011, July, DOE offers $105M loan guarantee to POET for its commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant - IB

2011, Feb, DuPont-Danisco's 235 million gpy cellulosic ethanol plant recieves $9 million grant by Iowa Power Fund Board

2011, Jan, Valero Energy investing $50 million in Mascoma's $350mm commercial wood-ethanol plant


2010, Nov, Cobalt Technologies entering R&D Agrmnt with Navy to dev n-butanol to biojet & biodiesel fuels

2010, Oct, Gevo to Acquire Agri-Energy Ethanol Production Facility to Produce Isobutanol - IB

2010, March, #163 Coskata Australian Cellulosic Ethanol Facility 032510 IT IB


2009, Jan, ZeaChem Financing IB


2008, June, #160 EdeniQ Receives Funding for Cellulosic ETOH Rsch IB

2008, May, #149 GM and Mascoma IB

2008, May, #148 Osage BioEnergy IB

2008, May, #139 SunEthanol receives DOE award IB

2008, April, #143 Alltech Receives Grant IB

2008, March, #120 Canadian Govt investing in Iogen IB

2008, March, #118 Lignol to process beatle killed wood IB

2008, March, #117 Zymetis EFC plans IB

2008, Feb, #102 GA Power 110 MW wood fired power plant IB


2007, Oct, #57- BlueFire Ethanol Fuels to Participate in DOE Loan Guarantees - IB

2007, Dec, #82 Reliance Industries IB





Licensing LB




General Info GB


2015, June, Biobased Feedstocks for Adhesives and Sealants - GB


2014, Aug, Virent’s BioForm gasoline gets approval from EPA for use in highway driving - GB

2014, Apr, 2012 Filed Old Town Fuel and Fiber patent - GB


2013, Aug, BDC member, API, awarded patent for extracting hemicelluloses and production of sugars and energy - GB

2013, May, ICM 2013 Peer Review - GB

2013, May, ADM 2013 IBR Peer Review - GB

2013, May, Myriant IBR Peer Review - GB

2013, May, Logos IBR Peer Review - GB

2013, May, API IBR Peer Review - GB

2013, May, Mascoma IBR Peer Review - GB

2013, May, Sapphire IBR Peer Review - GB

2013, May, Abengoa IBR Peer Review - GB

2013, May, POET IBR Peer Review - GB

2013, May, Amyris IBR Peer Review - GB

2013, Mar, Myriant has partnered with Bayegan Group for off take agreement for bio-chemicals – GB

2013, Jan, Sweetwater Energy strategy is to produce sugars from cellulosic feedstocks and sell to ethanol plants - GB


2012, Oct, Karl_Doenges, Sweetwater Energy Platt's Renewable Chemicals Conference Slides - GB

2012, Nov, Tim Brown, Renmatix - The importance of Cellulosic Sugar - GB

2012, Oct, Butanol Production Forecast - Sam_Nejame, Promotum - GB

2012, Oct, Biobutanol, the new Ethanol? - James_Evangelow, Chemical Strategies - GB

2012, Feb, Biobutanol opportunity for ethanol plants - GB

2012, Oct, Platts Renewable Chemicals Conference - GB


2011, Sep, White Paper on Petroleum Discussion on production distribution & ethanol blended gasoline - GB

2011, June, Removal of crop residue from farmland in Iowa causes no significant soil nutrient loss - GB


2010, Feb, RFA Outlook 2010 (Corn Ethanol Assn) GB


2009, ZeaChemTechnology_Overview_FINAL


2008, Dec, Going Against the Grain- Ethanol from Lignocellulosics – GB

2008, May, #153 DOE EIA Data on Etoh GB

2008, May, #146 DOE Data Suggests ETOH Helps break US dependence GB

2008, Feb, #100 Annual Ethanol Outlook GB

2008, Feb, Annual Ethanol Industry Outlook released (Ind. Report) – GB


2007, Dec, #83 Midwest ag depts promote Etoh GB

2007, Oct, Genecor ENC-8234 Accellerase Product Brief GB

2007, Oct, Genecor Releases First Ever Commercial Enzym Product For Cellulosic Ethanol Production GB






Thermo Chemical Technology


Commercial Plant CT


2015, Dec, Ensyn Georgia Biorefinery receives conditional $70 million Loan Guarantee Release for Biofuels plant in Georgia - CT

2015, Jan, Red Rock Biofuels to invest $200 million in 12 million gallons of bio jet fuel in Oregon - CT


2014, Sep, Fulcrum, using TRI technology, to receive loan guarantee (2 articles) - CT

2014, Jun, Enerkem in Edmonton, Alberta inaugurates full-scale municipal waste to biofuels and chemicals facility with capacity of 10 million gpy - CT


2013, Oct, Khosla & Gates Foundation providing KiOR with $100 million reserves to allow continued operations - CT

2013, Sept, KiOR Doubling Cellulosic Ethanol Capacity in Columbus, MS (2 Articles) - CT

2013, Aug, KiOR considering addition to Columbus, MS plant instead of new greenfield; uptime of 42% in Q2 is behind target - CT

2013. May, Metso technology in biomass gasification modification of Finland 140 MW coal fired plant - CT


2012, Nov, KiOR starts up Columbus, MS thermal based cellulosic fluidized catalytic cracker process with further processing to drop-in fuels - CT

2012, Sep, Volvo concludes successful bio-DME field tests from Chemrec black liquor thermal process in Sweden - CT

2012, July, Velocys has been selected for use in a waste-to-liquids (WTL) commercial demonstration plant by Sierra Energy - CT

2012, July, Solena BTL project GreenSky London will use Microchannel FT technology for commercial conversion to jet fuel - CT

2012, May, Sundrop partners with ThyssenKrupp for 50 Mgpy drop-in gasoline project in Alexandria, LA using both natural gas and biomass (XTL) - CT

2012, May, Coskata anounces financing plan for 78 mgy cellulosic ethanol plant in AL - CT/CB

2012, Apr, NewPage Biorefinery succumbs to economic conditions - CT


2011, Dec, Metso to deliver the first commercial LignoBoost plant to Domtar in North America - CT

2011, Aug, Ineos Plant at Vero Beach announces small startup delay - CT/CB

2011, July, Southern Power Company buys power from pulp mill - CT

2011, July, Growth from research to demonstration and commercial orders (1)- BTL in Austria 9,000 gpy trial completed - CT

2011, July, Growth from Research to Demonstration and Commercial (2) - GTL in Brazil 100,000 gpy on order (this will be natural gas to liquid / fossil to fossil) - CT

2011, July, Growth from Research to Demonstration (3) - BTL in Brazil 735,000 gpy on order - CT

2011, July, US Navy ready to make biofuel purchases waving certain bidding procedures. - CB/CT

2011, June, Coskata issued a Letter of Intent with Fagen for engineering, procurement and construction services for its commercial cellulosic ethanol facility in Boligee, AL - CT/CB

2011, June, Metso supplier of 140 MW gasifier for unique solution to co-firing wood with no reduction to boiler efficiency - CT

2011, June, Velocys sells FT Units - CT

2011, June, Valero invests $60 million in Enerkem - CT

2011, May, Oxford Catalysts Group's microchannel reactor technology is set to be deployed in a 50 bbl/d BTL plant in Brazil - CT

2011, Apr, KiOR files for IPO. The two articles describe both the technical and financing process up their commercial thermal processes - CT

2011, March, UPM selects a possible site in Finland for its biorefinery - CT

2011, Feb, Botnia's Joutseno Mill to Install Gasification Plant

2011, Feb, Range Fuels Fiasco REPLIES are even more of a fiasco

2011, Feb, Range Fuels Fiasco from 10feb11 WSJ

2011, Jan, European Commission financially supports Bio-methanol/DME from Woody Biomass - CT

2011, Jan, Fulcrum BioEnergy closes $75 million Series C Financing - CT

2011, Jan, UPM outlines plans to become a major biofuels producer - CT

2011, Jan, Range Fuel plant to be idled


2010, Nov, NACF, CECE partner on biomass-to-electricity plant in Mississippi - CT

2010, Nov, AMEC awarded EPC contract for INEOS Bio's 8 mil gal 3rd gen ethanol plant - CT

2010, Oct, Nexterra opens 2 US sales offices and appoints representation in 3 regions. - CT

2010, Oct, Coskata to select Australian Waste-to-Biofuel plant site in 2011 (Int'l-Ind. Report) – CT

2010, Oct, Stora Enso & Neste Oil seek environ. impact for a comm. gasification and FT unit - CT

2010, Sept, KiOR prepared to commercialize biocrude DT /CT, Sept, 2010 copy

2010, Sept, The Kruger Products tissue mill in New Westminster, BC has installed a fixed-bed updraft biomass gasification energy system designed & installed by Nexterra

2010 Release - Nexterra, gasifier supplier, one Canada's fastest growing Co.s

2010, Sept, MSW-to-ethanol plant under construction in Nevada (CT)

2010, May, #162 Boldt wins contract for We Energies biomass plant 032410 CT


2009, Jan, Otoka Energy to build gasification plant in Alberta - CT



2007, Nov, #64- Largest bioenergy plant in the world - CT









Licensing LT




2008, April, #145 BioGold Fuels and Energy Dynamics LB LT







General Info GT


2015, Nov, Ensyn is granted approval for Renewable Gasoline by EPA for coprocessing their renewable fuel oil in a petroleum refinery - GT


2014, Mar, KiOR idles Mississippi biofuels plant due to operational and financial problems - GT


2013, May, UOP Honeywell IBR Peer Review - GT

2013, May, REII IBR Peer Review - GT

2013, May, Enerkem IBR Peer Review - GT

2013, May, INEOS IBR Peer Review - GT

2013, May, ClearFuels RenTech IBR Peer Review - GT

2013, May, Haldor Topsoe IBR Peer Review - GT

2013, Mar, VTT, Fortum, Metso, and UPM have developed low cost process for bio-oil production - GT


2012, Feb, DOE case study of Flambeau River Paper's energy reduction strategy - GT

2012, Jan, TRI Validates Wood-Waste to Biofuels Process - GT


2011, July, Swedish study showed that BIGCC is more suited to a TMP mill than BTL, either Methanol or FT liquids (table 3) - GT

2011, June, AF&PA estimates Boiler MACT "final rule" by State, for PPI to cost $4.33 billion - GT

2011, May, Harvard Case History on how KiOR got started - GT

2011, Apr, Torrefied Wood Infield small scale

2011, Feb, ICM’s Auger Gasification Technology (Caution re: validity of claims) - GT


2010, Oct, Chemrec receives prestigious awards GT

2010, Aug, Metso MACT Response GT




2008, Dec, SivaGas - Renewable Energy Solutions GT

2008, May, #138 Rentech and The Wilds GT

2008, May, #132 Choren GT


2007, Dec, #87 IAE BLG Gassification GT







Policy YP







Joint Venture JP





Investment IP





Licensing LP





Research RP














Fort Myers, FL, Oct 2014

2014 Fall BDC Symposium Agenda - Fort Myers

BDC Member Symposium Registration Form


1 DOE - BDC Keynote on Bioeconomy at BDC Symposium, Oct 21, 2014 - Neil Rossmeissl

2 Algenol Story - BDC Symposium, Oct. 2014 - Paul Woods

3 Borregaard / LignoTech - BALI Concept & Commercialization - BDC Oct 2104 - Jerry Gargulak

4 PureVision - Progress Toward Commercialization - BDC Symposium, Oct, 2014 - Ed Lehrburger

5 TRI - Presentation to BDC October 21, 2014 - Path to Commercialization - Dave Newport

6 Cool Planet's Project Genesis, Alexandria, LA - BDC Fall 2014 presentation - Wes Bolsen

7 Navy Update for BDC, Oct. 21, 2014 - Chris Tindal

8 USDA Update for BDC Symposium, Fort Myers, 2014 - Todd Campbell

9 EPA - RFS Facts and the Future - BDC Oct 2014 - Paul Argyropoulos

10 DOE - Renewable Energy Funding Programs, BDC 2014 - Kerri Neary

11 NRCan - BDC Fort Myers Oct2014 - Supporting Deployment of Forest Industry - JF Levasseur

12 Licella - Cat-HTR Scale Up and Progress Update - BDC 21 Oct 2014 - Bill Rowlands

13 Enerkem - Commercial Stage in Edmondton, Canada - BDC Symposium, Oct, 2014 - Timothy Cesarack

14 Green Biologics - Commercial Project Update - Oct 21, 2014 - John Weaver

15 Proton Power - Cellulose to H2 Power - BDC Oct 21, 2014 - Sam Weaver

16 BDC - Lessons Learned - BDC Symposium, Fall 2014 - Ben Thorp

17 Nexant - Lessons Learned - BDC Fall 2014 - Eric Bober

18 DOE - Demo and Deployment Lessons Learned - BDC Symposium, Oct. 2014 - Neil Rossmeissl

19 POET-DSM, Liberty Start-Up - BDC October 2014 - Steve Hartig


Bangor, ME, Apr 2014

2014 BDC Spring Symposium Agenda

2014 BDC Spring Symposium Attendee List

2014 Spring Symposium BDC Member Registration Form

2014 Spring Symposium BDC Non-Member Registration Form


1 2014 Spring BDC Symposium Welcome

2 2014 Spring BDC UPM, Olavi Tervo

3 2014 Spring BDC Licella, Rob Downie

4 2014 Spring BDC OLD TOWN, Darrell Waite

5 BDC presentation Nick Thompson Fiberright - Clean

6 2014 Spring BDC Velocys update

7 2014 Spring BDC Renmatics, Tim Brown

8 2014 Spring BDC Green Biologics, John Warren

9 2014 Spring BDC TRI, Chris Doherty

10 2014 Spring BDC LignoTech

11 2014 Spring BDC Dept. of Navy, Chris Tindal - Advanced Biofuels Update

12 2014 Spring BDC DOE, Neil Rossmeissl

13 2014 Spring BDC Todd Campbell USDA

14 2014 Spring BDC John Marciano Washingon Tax Update

15 2014 Spring BDC Amanda Dacyk NRCan

16 2014 Spring BDC Chemical Strategies, Jim Evangelow - The_Evolution_of_Biobutanol

17 2014 Spring BDC Promotum, Sam Nejame

18 2014 Spring BDC NWBC Summary, Harry Seamans

19 2014 Spring BDC Avaro Timotheo, Andritz - HERB



2014 Spring Symposium Pictures, Bangor ME 1

2014 Spring Symposium Pictures, Bangor ME 2

2014 Spring Symposium Pictures, Bangor ME 3

Bangor Meeting - Ben Thorp

Bangor Meeting - Harry Seamans

Bangor Meeting - Licella

Bangor Meeting - OTFF

Bangor Meeting - UPM

OTFF Grp Pic 1

OTFF Tour 1

OTFF Tour 2

OTFF Tour 3

UofM Tech Res Center 1

UofM Tech Res Center 2

UofM Tech Res Center 3

UofM Tech Res Center Grp Pic 1







Washington, DC April 2011


BDC Spring 2011 Marketing

Spring 2011 BDC Mtg Agenda & USDA Panel Washington DC Apr 5-6

1 Harry Seamans, BDC, Update of BDC 4 5 11

2 John Marciano, Chadbourne & Park -Update on Regulations

3 Neil Rossmeissl, DOE, Biomass Overview

4 Valeri Lightner, DOE, Loan Guarantee Overview

5 Bill Hagy, USDA, Funding Opportunities

6 Brooke Coleman, Renewable Fuels Association, Efficiency and Cost Redux_AEC

7 Jessica Bridges, USCHPA, US CHP deployment & initiatives

8 Mark Daniel, Verso, Energy Transformation In The Forest Product Sector 2011

9 Jerry Gargulak, Borregaard Lignotech, lignon biochemicals

10 Hunter Harris, MWV, Traditional Platforms for Value Added BioChemicals

11 Theodora Retsina, API, Alpena Biorefinery

13 Doug Freeman, New Page, Wisconsin Rapids Project Independence Update

14 David Newport, TRI, Key Learnings re Pilot Plant Evolution

15 Dennis Leong, Chemtex, New Technology for Low Cost Sugars

16 Patrick Onertz, Chemrec, The BioDME Project in Sweden

17 Harry Cullinan, Auburn Univ, Overview of Bioenergy Deployment Initiative

18 Ben Thorp Overview of 3rd Nordic Biorefinery Conference 2011

USDA Panel


1 Harry Seamans, BDC, Pulp & Paper Industry Overview to USDA Panel

2 Bill Hagy, USDA, USDA BDC Industrial Panel

3 Jim Matheson, Parsons & Whittemore, Presentation to USDA

4 Lon Rollison, MWV, USDA_BDC slides

5 Doug Freeman, New Page, USDA Panel

6 Flambeau River Biorefinery USDA Panel Comments - April 6-2012

7 SAPPI USDA Panel Comments

8 Longview BED USDA comments

9 Mark Daniel, Verso, Views on Barriers and Solution to Biorefineries Deployment2011 for USDA mtg





Durham, NC October 2009



Benson, MN September 2008







General Info











Chemical Technology

Policy YC














Licensing LC




2008, May, #156 Ligno boost by Metso LC






Research RC












Policy YA







Pilot Plant PA






Investment IA





Licensing LA





Research RA





General Info GA




Policy YN








Commercial Plant CN







Joint Venture JN







Investment IN







Licensing LN







Research RN







General Info GN








Other or Unknown Technology

Policy YO


2017, Aug, Loan Guarantee Programs in Jeopardy Unless Senate Amendments are Accepted - GY


*2015, May, EPA released proposed standards for ’14, ’15, and ’15 and volumes for renewable fuels; Comment Period runs through July 27 - YO

2015, May, EPA slashes biofuels targets for 2014, 2015, 2016 under Renewable Fuel Standard - YO


2014, Sep, Opinion Article on CHP being a part of EPA’s Clean Power Plan - YO


2013, Dec, DuPont opposes lowering RFS2 mandates. Sound reasoning is provided - YO

2013, Dec, 4th Qtr BRDTAC Review to BDC by Dean Benjamin - YO

2013, Nov, California’s _Low Carbon Fuel Standard_ aimed at reducing petroleum usage by 20%; Oregon & Washington seeking to follow - YO

2013, Nov, Butamax RFS Response - YO

2013, Nov, Comment period on EPA’s draft Climate Change Adaptation Implementation Plans closes Jan 3, 2014 - YO

2013, Aug, Third Quarter BR&DTAC Review Presentation by Dean Benjamin - YO

2013, Aug, Letter to EPA & USDA from Forest Products Leaders regarding GHG Tailoring Rule for Carbon Accounting - YO

2013, Jun, EPA in process of working out regs for GHG from both new and existing elect gen units - YO

2013, Mar, House Committee on Energy and Commerce is seeking stakeholder input by April 5 - YO

2013, Mar, 0320RFSWhitePaper1 on Blend Wall Fuel Compatibility Issues - YO


2012, Sept, TAC presentation to A2020,BDC - YO

2012, July, Muti-Agency Funding for Military-Grade Advanced Biofuel Production Projects - YO

2012,Jun, Bill to incent deployment of high efficiency biomass heating systems through tax credit - YO

2012, Jun, $40 MM funding for pilot and demo scale advanced biofuels for military; concept papers due August 13 - YO

2012, May, Ben Thorp's summary of the May 18, 2012 DOE & Navy Industrial Roundtable - YO

2012, March, Rural Economic Development Loan & Grant - Federal Register 2012-5043 - YO

2012, Feb, $5 billion stimulus proposed for Farm Bill for bio-based manufacturing - YO

2012, Feb, Advanced Ethanol Leaders make several suggestions of 2012 Farm Bill including continuation of Tax Credit - YO


2011, Oct, Congressional study concludes 2007 EISA biofuel goals unlikely to be met (no surprise to BDC)- YO

2011, Oct, Although related to R&D, you may have interest in participating in Advanced Manf Partnership steering committee mtgs; 1st of 4 to be held in Atlanta, Oct.14 - YO

2011, Sep, Alberta-Pacific President, Al Ward, speaks frankly about bioproducts - YO

2011, July, Forest biomass report outlines roadmap to sustainable bioenergy - YO

2011, July, A National Wood-To-Energy Roadmap , released by the renewable energy initiative 25x'25

2011, May, Proposed bill improves definition of Biomass - YO

2011, May, DOE Strategic Plan, 50 pages; focus on pgs 9 to 19 - YO

2011, Mar, Time Sensitive DOE $12 million funding opportunity for pilot-scale advanced biofuels proj

2011, Mar, Time Sensitive - Another summary of USDA programs - YO

2011, Mar, Summary of USDA interim final rule for the Advanced Biofuel Guaranteed Loans program; comments due by April 15 - YO

2011, Mar, EPA publishes rule to defer permit requirements for biomass energy for three years - YO

2011, Feb, Vilsack will sign MOU supporting biofuels production - YO

2011, Feb, Details of biofuel appropriations in DOE FY2012 budget request - YO

2011, Feb, Interim rule for Biorefinery Assistance Guaranteed Loans by USDA is effective March 16, 2011

2011, Feb, Proposed US Government Cuts in Energy Innovations a glimpse of the future - YO

2011, Feb, Potential House bill will be devastating to biorefineries - YO

Biomass Conversion Technologies Platform Peer Reviews, February 14-18, 2011 - YO

2011, Jan, 2011 RFS Standards as gallons and as a percentage of 2011 use - YO

2011, Jan, Cellulosic Biofuels interview with Industry Leaders on pages 31 - 38

2011, Jan, Growing support for Clean Energy Standard; Focus is on Electricity - YO

2011, Jan, BCAP Payments to Start - YO

2011, Jan 20, Bad News for Industry - US District Court Order on Boiler MACT Grants Extention of only 30 days YO

2011, Jan, Full 30 page text of tax relief act and a one page summary of energy provisions

2011, Jan, HR 4853 Extension of Tax Cuts - Energy Summary - YO


2010, Dec, Comments from Chadbourne & Parke regarding the Tax Bill passed on December 16, 2010 & Program 1603 of the Recovery Act - YO

2010, Dec, The US House of Representatives voted to approve the Obama tax deal which extends the ethanol tax credit through 2011 and retroactively extends the biodiesel tax incentive and the renewable diesel incentive through 2011

USDA Grant is available until March 1, 2011

2010, Dec, Baucus proposes income  tax relief bill which includes comprehensive biofuel incentives YO

2010, Nov, President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technologies (PCAST) released its report proposing an increase of funding from $5 billion to $16 billion to accelerate the pace of change in energy technology YO

2010, Nov, PCAST recommendations news release YO

2010, Nov, RFS2 mandates established for 2011. Responsible parties must buy these amounts or buy equivalent RIN Credits. BDC estimates the domestic production of cellulosic biofuels will be less than 3 million gallons YO

2010, Nov, EPA approves isobutanol as a fuel additive YO

2010, Nov, Collins signals federal boiler MACT biomass rules likely to change - YO

2010, Nov, DOE Selects Biomass Feedstock Logistics Projects to Receive up to $21 Million in Funding

2010, Oct, BCAP Final Rules in Fed Register - YO

2010, Oct, Find Incentives for Your Industrial Plant by City or Zip Code - YO

2010, Oct, Econ Res Service - Report on the Effects of Biomass on Economy in 2022 YO

2010, Oct, US to subsidize farmers to grow new biofuel crops - YO

2010, Oct, DOE announces 2011 SBIR funding opportunity (grants); competitively available for research or technology transfer on the topic of bioenergy and biomass from cellulosic, non-food feedstocks - YO

2010, Oct, YO, House Bill HR 4618 which includes a $1.01 per gallon algae biofuel tax credit PassedMACT final rule YO

2010, Sept, Senators express concern over boiler

2010, Environmental Policy Uncertainty - Ben Thorp - YO

2010, May, #164 EPA Issues Its Final Rule Regulating Greenhouse Gases YO

2010, Feb, Exhibit C - Growing America's Fuel - President's Biofuels Target YO


2009, Mar, S661 Energy Efficiency Act Manufacturing Summary YO

2009, Mar, S661 Energy Bill - YO

2009, Feb, DOE Sec Chu Announces Chgs to Expedite Econ Rec Funds Restructure lead to new investments

2009, Jan, Growth Energy- EIA's Prediction That U.S. Oil Use Remain Flat Due to Expanded Biofuels In

2009, Jan, USDA, DOE Announce Up to $25 Million in Funding for Biomass Research and Development Init


2008, Dec, Demo of Integrated Biorefinery Ops Funding Opp Annc No: DE-PS36-09GO99038 YO

2008, Nov, New Tax Incentives for Energy, Chadbourne Newswire - Project Finance - Energy YO

2008, June, #161 DOE Announces Solicitations for $30.5 Billion Loan YO

2008, Apr, #137 Federal Biofuels Incentives YO

2008, Feb, #106 Energy Positions of Presidential Candidates YO

2008, Feb, House Bill Takes From Big Oil, Gives to Renewables – YO

2008, Feb, #103 House repeals oil tax breaks YO

2008, Feb, #99 EPA YO


2007, Dec, #91 2007 Energy Bill Summary YO

2007, Dec, #84 Farm Bill and biorefineries YO

2007, Dec, #80 RFS in Farm Bill YO

2007, Dec, #79 Dems repeal tax breaks for big oil YO

2007, Nov, #70- Energy bills would cost $1 trillion, 5 million jobs, study says - YO

2007, May, Energy Positions of the Presidential Candidates - YO




Commercial Plant CO


2015, Feb, Fulcrum’s MSW gasification to FT commercial venture includes BDC member TRI technology - CO


2015, Feb, Fulcrum’s MSW gasification to FT commercial venture includes BDC member TRI technology - CO

2012, Nov, NY Times Article on Large Scale Production of Cellulosic Biofuel - CO

2012, Aug, BDC member ZeaChem secures funding - CO


2011, Dec, Virent Signs Agreements w/ Coca-Cola Co to develop & produce bio-PET bottle - CO

2011, Nov, Alaska Air to fly 75 flights on biodiesel from Syntroleum/Tyson (Dynamic Fuels) - CO

2011, July, REG, the 9th elite integrated biorefinery to file for IPO - CO

2011, June, Shell and Qatar Petroleum producing F-T liquids from (stranded) natural gas; will grow to 2 billion gpy by mid 2012 - CO

2011-5575 applications for USDA loan guarantees due by May 10

2011-5574 pmts to biorefineries existing in 2008 for fossil fuel reduction

2011, Feb, First aircraft biofuel usage certified - CO

2011, Jan, Myriant wins $60 million investment from Thai petrochemical producer - CO

2011, Jan, Flambeau River Papers Make a Comeback with a Revised Energy Strategy

2011, Jan, DOE issues first loan guarantee to companies converting used vegetable oil and animal fat to "biodiesel"


2010, Dec, Overview of JET BIOFUEL technologies, the key driving forces and challenges to development, details of companies along the supply chain, and profiles of several leading private biofuel companies developing jet fuels - CO

2010, Oct, Chemrec named GoingGreen Silicon Valley Top 100 Winner - CO

October 2010, Oct, Overview of CHP opportunities/issues - Commerical









Pilot Plant PO


Investment IO


2015, Apr, Investment in Domtar JV for Nanocellulose exploration to enhance productivity of oil and gas wells - IO


2014, Apr, New USDA Loan Guarantees - IO

2014, Apr, DOE Reopens for Renewable Energy Loan Guarantees - IO


2013, July, Stora Enso to install $32 million plant in Kotka, Finland to remove lignin for replacement of natural gas and for external sale - IO

2013, DOE awards $10 million to five projects for developing processes to convert biomass to processable sugars - IO


2012, Feb, UPM invests in proven technology, using crude tall oil, to produce about 30 million GPY of advanced diesel - IO

2012, Jan, First Green Partners with Warburg Pincus will invest up to $100 million in commercial ready biotechnologies - IO

2012, Jan, ZeaChem, in Boardman, OR, wins USDA Loan Guarantee for 25 million gallon plant valued at $232 million - IO


2011, Sep, Sasol launches feasibility study to evaluate building natural gas-to-liquids plant in Louisiana - IO

2011, Aug, DOE and USDA Investment opportunity for advanced 'drop-in' biofuels - IO


2010, Dec, Pike Research forecasts dramatic capital investment growth in biomass infrastructure - IO

2010, Oct, PetroAlgae files for $200M IPO; Goldman, UBS, Citi, Piper Jaffray underwriting – IO



2008, May, #154 biofuels in new farm bill IO2008, April, #131 DOE Biorefinery RFP IO

2008, April, #130 DOE Funds 3 EFC IO

2008, March, #126 OH Gov Fisher announces grants IO

2008, March, #113 USDA loan program for '08 IO

2008, Feb, #107 USDA R&D Projects funded IO

2008, Jan, #94 DOE Small Scale Biorefinery proposals funded IO

2008, Jan, #74- Biomass Finance & Investment Summit - IO


2007, Dec, #75- Renewable Energy Teleconference – IO

2007, Oct, #48 Cong. Research Service report on Forestry in the 2007 Farm - IO

2007, Oct, #47- DOE Announces Final Rule for Loan Guarantee Program - IO







General GO


2017, Nov. Metsä Fibre is 95% fossil fuel free and progressing toward 100%, one of three in the world - GO

2017, Properties of Wood Species in the US - GO

2017, Oct, Biorefinery Industry is Emerging BDC Article - GO

2017, Sept, Adding Value to Forests by Industrial Use is Shown to Improve Sustainability of Forests - GO

2017, Jul, Employment trend compared to Overall Job Growth - GO

2017, May, EPA Approves Additional RIN Production for Didion Ethanol through Efficient Producer Pathway Petition Process - GO


2016, Oct., Article about BDC Washington DC Meeting by Advanced Biofuels - GO

2016, Jul, Billion Ton Report - GO

2016 BDC Brochure - GO

2016, Feb - Biofuels Digest Leadership Conference Summary - GO


2015, Dec, Global Warming Agreement - GO

2015, Aug,  Pulp & Paper Energy Bandwidth Report - GO

July '15 Validate List of BioFacilities 062415 Full

July '15 Commercial Validated BioFacilities 062415 Commercial

July '15 Demonstration Validated BioFacilities 062415 Demo

July '15 Pilot Validated BioFacilities 062415 Pilot

July '15 Power Validated BioFacilities 062415 Power

2015, June, An Economic Impact Analysis of the U.S. Biobased Products Industry A Report to Congress - GO

2015, June, Validated Commercial Bio Facilities - GO

2015, June, Validated Demonstration Bio Facilities - GO

2015, June, Validated Pilot Bio Facilities - GO

2015, June, Validated Power Bio Facilities - GO

2015 ABLC Summary - GO

2015, Mar, USDA announces $8.7 million through BRDI for bioprocess development - GO

2015, Jan, BDC Paper 360 Published Article on Bio-Industry Progress - GO


2014, Dec, Validated Bio Facilities - GO

2014, Dec, Validated Bio Facilities Commercial - GO

2014, Dec, Validated Bio Facilities Demonstration - GO

2014, Dec, Validated Bio Facilities Pilot - GO

2014, Dec, Validated Bio Facilities Power - GO

2014, Nov, BETO - Multi-Year Program Plan - GO

2014, Sept, Lessons Learned in the Bio-Industry - GO

2014, Sept, GranBio starts 21 million gpy plant in Brazil - GO

2014, Sept. BETO ROADMAP - GO

2014, August, Validated Bio Facilities Excel Workbook - GO

2014, August Commercial Running and Scheduled - GO

2014, August, Demonstration Plants Running & Scheduled - GO

2014, August, Pilot Plants Running & Scheduled - GO

2014, August, Bio-Power Plants Running & Scheduling - GO

2014, Aug, Old Town Fuel and Fiber shutdown puts Biofuels project in jeopardy - GO

2014, Aug, KiOR's operational issues result in idled plant and warning of bankruptcy - GO

2014, July, Paper 360 Pulp and Paper Innovations - BDC Article - GO

2014, Apr, Advance Biofuels leadership Conference Overview - April 21-23 - GO

2014, Mar, Critical Success Factors - Case Histories - GO

2014, Mar, Critical Factors for Success - GO

2014, Mar, Demonstration & Deployment Presentation Jonathan Male BETO - GO


2013, Dec, BDC Article on Bioproducts for the Pulp and Paper Industry - GO

2013, Dec, Workshop Summary of The Nexus of Biofuels, Climate Change, and Human Health - GO

2013, Nov, Mohini Sain, speaker at the Sarnia symposium in August, working with Ford by providing wood based automobile parts - GO

2013, Oct., Amyris creating genetically modified yeast - GO

2013, Oct 18, Validated Bioproduct Facilities - GO

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2013, Sept, Green Biologics & CMEC Press Release - GO

2013, Sept, Green Biologics signs LOI to purchase assets from CMEC to convert ethanol plant to butanol - GO

2013, Jun, Ted Wegner, BDC member with FPL in Wis., named to the Paper Industry Hall of Fame - GO

2013 DOE BioRefinery Peer Review Summary

2013, May, Validated Bioproduct Facilities 6 May 2013

2013, Apr, Advanced Biofuels demo plants Task 39 IEA report - GO

# 91 2007 Energy Bill Summary GO

2013, Mar, FPInnovations establishes laboratory in Thunder Bay, Ontario for Lignin Research for Determining Market Value - GO

2013, Mar, Domtar begins Lignin removal at Plymouth, NC with Metso's LignoBoost Process - GO

2013, Feb, Resolute presentation on Canadian Paper Company interest in Bio Products - GO

2013, Feb, Chadbourne & Parke Summary of Tax Credit Application Period for Renewable Energy Projects - GO

2013, Feb, AF&PA estimates $2 billion expenditures by PPI due to Boiler MACT - GO

2013 BDC Spring Symposium Announcement Letter

2013, Feb, Validated Bioproduct Facilities 2 Feb 2013 - GO

2013, Feb, New Biomass Energy's Commercial Scale torrefied wood pellet plant in Quitman, MS – GO

2013, Jan, LS9 to not shut down according to earlier article according to new CEO – GO

2013, Jan, LS9 to shut down operations; article provides review of struggles for commercializing technologies - GO


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2012, Jul, TAC presentation to Agenda 2020 and BDC - GO

2012, July, ML alert DOE advanced biofuel FOA - GO

2012, Jul, DOE Funding to PPI with assistance from CleanTech Partners and FOE - GO

2012, Jun, AR Renewable Energy Commissions - Energy Alternatives for Arkansas - GO

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2012, Mar, Frequently Asked Questions on Army's $7 Billion Draft RFP - GO

2012, Feb, Vilsack statement to Senate Committee on Agriculture for 2012 Farm Bill - GO

2012, Feb, USDA Grants $25 million to advanced biofuels producers with feedstocks other than corn - GO

2012, Feb, DoD awards $18 million to fund six military programs to reduce energy on the battlefield - GO

2012, Feb, Fort Bragg to construct a Green Biofuel Superstation to serve its flex fuel fleet - GO

2012, Jan, Bioenergy Deployment Consortium One Page Description - GO

2012, Jan, DuPont and NexSteppe have entered into a collaboration to develop advanced feedstocks for biofuels, biopower, and biobased products - GO

2012, Jan, Independent comment on RFS2 mandates - GO


2011 Dec EPA Finalizes 2012 Renewable Fuel Standards - GO

2011, Dec, One Day Biofuels Workshop, April 3 in Washington, DC - GO

2011, Dec, WSJ article by unnamed editor slams cellulosic biofuels including Cello Energy - GO

2011, Dec, Audits have been ordered over the now-idled USC project, designed and built by JCI – Includes two articles - GO

2011, Dec, The 30,000 foot level view of bioenergy in Europe has many similarities to the United States - GO

2011, Nov, Bioenergy Critical Success Factors - GO

2011, Oct, Article about BDC in Green2Energy - GO

2011, Sep, Alberta-Pacific pulp and paper mill transitions to biorefining - GO

2011, Sept, Slide Show Update from the DOE Office of Biomass - GO

2011, Aug, Validated List of “Advanced” Renewable Biofuel Facilities - GO

2011, Aug, DOE recognizes the NABC selection of Amyris and Virent 'drop-in' biofuels technology pathways to advance to the next development stage - GO

2011, Aug, DOE's 'Billion-Ton Study' follow up on biomass feedstock finds less potential for forest and crop residues but greater potential for energy crops versus 2005 study - GO

2011, August BDC Business Plan - GO

2011. Aug, BDC Proposal to USDA - GO

2011, July, Update on Poet, Coskata, and Tax legislation - GO

2011, June, Announcement & link to report of Oak Ridge National Labs' and Georgia Tech's report on legislative policy - GO

2011, June, Report from Oak Ridge Nat. Labs supports 7 federal policies to help the industry and the nation by improving the efficiency of energy us and generation - GO

2011, June, Fellow BDC member Marc Sabourin, Global Director with Andritz, awarded the Arne Asplund Mechanical Pulping Award for 2011 - GO

2011, May, RISI Article on BDC's Outlook of the Bioindustry Future - GO

June 2, 2011 @ 2-00 pm EST; ForestWeb/iii Teleconference Regarding Scandinavian Bioenergy Projects and Policy relative to recent Nordic Conference attended by BDC's Ben Thorp - GO

2011, May, Genencor Research on Perceptions of Household Green & Biobased Products - GO

2011, May, Cobalt presentation reflects process used in Alpena project - GO

2011, May, ABLC Summary + Peter Molchanov presentation - GO

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2011, Mar, 3rd Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference Overview of Commercially Significant Points - 22 to 24 March, 2011 - GO

2011, Mar 30, News Release regarding President Obama's Plan for America's Energy Security - GO

2011, Mar, BDC Article Narrow Window appearing in Paper360 magazine in Mar/Apr Issue - GO

2011, Mar, DOE Peer Review Webinars for Sustainability, Feedstocks, and Algae Platform - GO

2011, Feb, Brief summary of 3 strategies for algae biochemical companies; good strategies for all

BDC Keynote to Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conf in Stockholm, Mar 22, 2011 "Major Cellulosic Biofuels/Biochemicals Activities in the US - GO

2011, Feb, Summaries from IBR peer review held Feb 1-3

2011, Jan, Alternative Fuels Strategy for the MIlitary - GO

2011, Jan, Interview with POET CEO Jeff Broin on corn and cellulosic ethanol

2011, Jan, Argument for oil prices to increase faster than the supply-demand balance because of value of dollar


2010, Dec, Biofuels Digest's No. 1 Prediction for 2011 regards investment to increase from strategic sources such as Pulp and Paper - GO

2010, Dec, EIA Early Release Overview of the Annual Energy Outlook for 2011 with summaries , links to reports, and tables

2010, Dec, Summary of Military Biofuel Applications from the Energy Business Report

2010, Dec, Biofuels Digest announces company, product and technology of the year (2010) awards. GO

2010, Dec, Biofuels Digest article predicts that despite a good month for biofuels the U.S. will not meet its 16 billion gallon target for biofuels by 2022

2010, Dec, Comments on the Recently Passed Tax Bill

2010, Dec, BioDigest's 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy for 2010-11 - GO

2010, Dec, Biofuels Digest hottest 50 Bioenergy ranked for 2010 and compared to 2009

2010, Dec, Executive Summary of the 736 page World Energy Outlook

2010, Dec, World Energy Outlook Key Graphs give a valid source of historical and projected world demand

2010, Nov, The noted Boston Consulting Group believes the alternative fuels will become cost competive soon GO

2010, Nov,Biofuels industry CEOs predict parity with oil in 12-36 months, for leading-edge companies

2010, Nov, BDC Article: Slow decline doesn't have to be the trend for PPI - can play major part in the health of our nation's economy

2010, Nov, PPI can play major role in addressing national issues: jobs, energy independence, and health of our forests

2010, Nov, GO Opinionated Reference Document with project profiles starting on pg 70

2010, Nov, Ethanol significantly reduces oil imports - GO

2010 AF&PA Sustainability Report

2010, Oct, Increasing Feedstock Production for Biofuels - GO

2010, Oct, GO, TOOL; NREL BioEnergy Atlas includes two interactive maps, BioPower and BioFuels

2010, Sept, DOE Solicits Feedback on Biopower Technical Strategy Workshop Report Draft (GO)


2010, Sept, Bioenergy execs predict 144% revenue, 68% jobs increase in 2011 - GO

2010, Sept 30, GO, Quarterly BDC list of validated Advanced Renewable Biofuel Facilities

2010, Sept, Senate passes small business aid (GO)

2010, Sept, EPA to Transition Climate Leaders Program (GO)

2010, #165 Transitioning from 1st Generation to Advanced Biofuels 020510 GO

2010, Aug, Metso MACT Response

2010, Aug, Midwest biogas has enormous potentia

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2010, June, Stuart Cohen Critical Tech Paper

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2010, Complete Handbook on Cellulosic Ethanol and its Position in the Global Energy Scenario – GO


2009, Jan, New Biofuels and the Impact on Chemicals report available (Ind. Report) - GO

2009, Feb, Finland's forestry sector working on biofuel development projects, including gasification


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2008, Dec, DOE Announces Funding Opp of up to $200M for Pilot and Demo Scale Biorefinery Plant GO

2008, Dec, Report on Agenda 2020 Strategic Issues Workshop - Ben Thorp, GO

2008, Dec, U.S. will fail to meet biofuels mandate- EIA - GO

2008, Dec, Atlantica Biorefinery Report Final - GO

2008, RE2007-Global-Status-Report GO

2008, June, #114 N Am bioenergy conf GO

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2008, Feb, #108 various EFC updates GO

2008, Feb, Cellulosic Ethanol pilot plant in production in Wyoming (Ind. Report) – GO

2008, Feb, #98 Paper Age on Alt Fuels GO

2008, Feb, #97 Shell Oil GO

2008, Jan, #93 US Chamber Bioenergy Conf GO


2007, Nov, Japan Considers Introducing Affordable Cellulosic Ethanol Technology by 2015 – GO

2007, Nov, #105 Japan EFC GO

2007, Nov, #69- Ethanol Bust Makes Losers of Bush, Gates, D.E. Shaw (Update2) - GO

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2007, Sept, #59- Project Comparison Reveals Leadership Gap – GO

2007, May, #58 NC State Biomass Roadmap - GO


2006, Jan, CHP White Paper - Decentralize Elect Gen & use CHP for improved efficiency - GO







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